About Equine Therapy

What is it?

What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an experiential process in which the participant works on therapeutic goals by interacting with horses. EAP is conducted on the ground and requires no riding or previous horse experience to participate.

Horses, by nature, are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and toward anyone within their surroundings. Working as large biofeedback machines, their response to a participant’s mood or change in mood can help the therapeutic process in real time — helping individuals become more aware of their current emotional state. A horse’s responses can tell us a number of things. For instance:

  • How we may appear to the outside world
  • How we interact with others
  • Our ability to communicate
  • Our ability to establish trust

Why Equine Therapy?

Why Equine Therapy Works for Improving Relationships

Using animals as therapy is not new: the Greeks documented the horse’s therapeutic value in 600BC and French physician Cassaigne concluded in 1875 that Equine Therapy helped certain neurological disorders. More recent studies show that individuals who participate in Equine Therapy have significantly lower stress hormone levels, reductions in psychological distress, can become more independent, self-supported, and better able to live in the present with less regrets, resentment and guilt.

Can you imagine how this could positively impact your marriage? Imagine stepping out of your therapist’s office and stepping onto a ranch where you and your spouse can investigate what may be the hidden source of conflict in your marriage. Slowly but surely, as you gain your horse’s trust, you may see for yourself what is keeping you from trusting your spouse — or your spouse from trusting you.

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